Friday, October 30, 2009

News & Updates

Whats good everyone, havent gotten on here in a minute but thought i would update yall with whats goin on right now.
Currently we are almost finished Kdb's ep which is fully produced by myself. It's titled "Within the Solace." it is a concept album, very political, very conscious to say the least. That is being wrapped up right now, were aiming at an early next year release.
We are also finishing up "lost in translation" which is a ep im doing with Sweats aka Scriptures. It is also a concept project that revolves around a lot of emotional content and some headline bangers. That project is set to release early December, 2009.
I am also currently working with Hell Razah on the full-length album we started a couple months ago. It's coming together nicely watch out for that next year. In terms of other projects and collaborations, I'm also working along side Tellavizion & Don Stone. Currently Don Stone and myself have a track with Az in the works, aswell as John Forte (Fugees). There are a lot of other crazy features going on, I am releasing a track with Shabazz the Disciple soon. Track is titled "Metal Fences" so watch out for that one. On a last note the closest releases are "First round last call" Which is a mixtape we put together featuring Sporadic, Sweats, Tellavizion, Hell Razah, Shabazz, Theo3, Frankie Payne, Kaotny, Kdb, Solomon Childs, Adversaree, and many others..Hosted by Dj Law

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