Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Epitaph

We are set to release 'The Epitaph' online july 10th. Its available now @ emusic & we have physical copies available also click here for more info. But, we are also giving away free singles over the next couple of weeks, with the first being 'Built To Destroy' featuring Kdb & Eso Teriq. if you didnt get a chance to grab that, click here.
The next single we are releasing for free will be 'Gotta Believe' Featuring Tellavizion. Watch out for that next week it will be available. for more info on Tellavizion, click here.
If your in the Toronto area, you can mos definetly catch one or more of us at a show..if you would rather grab an actual CD. If your outside the city you can hit up and they will be happy to ship you out a copy.

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